All The Oceans

All The Oceans

The Ron Holland Story

A Memoir

Book Details

Foreward by: Rupert Murdoch
Size: 8.5 x 9 inches
Extent: 240 pages
Illustration: Over 200 photos, Illustrations, and ephemera
Printing: Full color throughout
Binding: Hard cover

The Book

What are they saying about “All The Oceans”

“Ron Holland’s ‘All The Oceans’, is exciting from page one; it pulls the reader through the pages, cheering Ron on all the way. An amazing life story from one of the world’s greatest yacht designers!”
Stuart Woods, Author of 50 New York Times bestselling novels

“Making a calculation simply based on the list of Ron Holland’s achievements one would arrive at a lifespan of at least 210 years. He has lived at least 3 lives worth of adventures and accomplished at least 3 times more than could be expected of a mere mortal.”
Oleg Harencar, Director/Producer of the film series, Life on the Water

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